Hair Care Tips

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How To Take Care of My Hair?

-Many products work well on virgin hair, some better than others. When choosing your products, make sure they cater to the needs of the specific pattern that you’ve chosen.

-For our curly patterns, products that are sulfate free, phosphate free, and paraben free are a great route to go. We suggest a clarifying cleanse at least once a month to rid the bundles of excess build up.

-For our straight and wave patterns, minimum product usage is suggested. Using a light weight oil focused mainly towards the ends of the hair is acceptable. We encourage you to cleanse the bundles every two weeks. Your washing schedule can be altered based on product usage.

-While styling hair avoid using maximum heat, always use heat protectant, and treat your hair with Intriguing Care.


-Wrap your hair nightly with silk scarf or bonnet (doing this helps lock in moisture and eliminates unnecessary shedding/tangling).

-Under your scarf your hair should be twisted/braided into pigtails/plaits (this helps the hair from matting and tangling while sleeping).

-If getting your hair installed with Intriguing Dynasty, always drop hair off prior to service so that hair can be prepped for install. (bleaching of knots, tweezing, cold wash, and weft sealing)

*this cuts down install time drastically*

-ALWAYS use heat protectant before using any kind of heated styling tools (if not used your hair can becomes very brittle and produce split ends/breakage and frizzy/dry hair).

-CONDITION your hair at least once every 2 weeks; SHAMPOO your hair once every 3 1/2 weeks. (timeframe may vary depending on amount of styling and product build up).

-ALWAYS comb/detangle from the ends up.


  • Cut your wefts- this causes shedding, and thinning of your hair extensions.

  • Sew through your wefts- this will cause the construction of your hair weft(s) to weaken, while also causing shedding and thinning of your hair extensions.

  • Blow dry your hair- always let it air dry; blow drying has the possibility of ruining your hair extensions.

  • Use box dyes- only use professional consulting for adding any coloring or other chemicals to your extensions. 


-Detangle your hair extensions ONLY when the hair is wet (detangling your hair while its dry can cause breakage, shedding, and loss of hair).

-Detangle your curly/wavy hair EVERY morning and EVERY night before wrapping (please follow same wrapping instructions listed above).

-Use a leave in conditioner/water mix to help keep your curls/waves moisturized.

-ALWAYS comb/detangle from the ends up.

-Use a DAILY* curling cream with water to help with moisture and to prevent shedding/tangling/interlocking of the curls/waves.


If you add any coloring or other chemicals to your hair extensions after ordering, you run the risk of changing/damaging the curl pattern. Diamond Dynasty is not responsible for damages resulting from any alterations to the original product.

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